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NOAA's all-hazard weather radio expands to Eagle County
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NOAA's all-hazard weather radio expands to Eagle County

New transmitter closes gap in I-70 coverage

A new NOAA weather radio transmitter provides service in Eagle County.
A new NOAA weather radio transmitter provides service in Eagle County.
FRISCO—Driving the I-70 corridor can bring a cornucopia of weather surprises, winter or summer. The complex topography of the Rockies means that one valley can be clear, while just over the ridge, a blizzard or a thunderstorm might be raging.

To help travelers, skiers and hunters stay abreast of changing conditions, the National Weather Service last month expanded its all-weather radio service to cover Eagle County, including Avon, Beaver Creek, Dotsero, Eagle, Edwards, Gypsum, Minturn, Redcliff, Vail, and Wolcott.

With the addition of the Eagle NOAA Weather Radio, Interstate 70 in Colorado noqw has nearly continuous NOAA Weather Radio reception from the Kansas border to the Utah border.

The broadcast frequency is 162.450 MHz on the Weather Band. The signal is also broadcast on
low powered CDOT Road and Weather radio stations in Eagle County; 530 AM in Edwards and 107.9 FM in Eagle.

NOAA's weather radio broadcasts in real time, with information updated as new forecasts are developed. It's a useful resource for anybody interested in the latest weather information, said Jim Daniels, with the National Weather Service in Grand Junction.

"A lot of people are probably familiar with it from their car radios," Daniels said, explaining that CDOT rebroadcasts the weather radio information on its own low-powered network serving highway travelers.

“NOAA Weather Radio gives Eagle County the ability to offer another vital tool for emergency notification to our citizens and visitors because we know that no single system can reach everyone 100 percent of the time," said Eagle County emergency services manager Barry Smith.

The purchase of the Eagle NOAA Weather Radio transmitter system was a cooperative effort involving Eagle County, Holy Cross Energy, the State of Colorado, and a matching grant provided by the USDA Rural Utilities Service. The State of Colorado’s Public Safety Communications Network installed the transmitter system and will perform the maintenance per a contract with the National Weather Service.

NOAA Weather Radio is an all-hazards warning system that is designed to notify citizens of impending danger from weather-related hazards and to provide non-weather emergency messages at the request of local officials by broadcasting codes that automatically activate alarms on specially-equipped NOAA Weather Radio receivers.

Additional information on NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards and how to obtain a NOAA Weather Radio receiver can be found online at this NOAA website.

Daniels said weather radio receivers are often available at Radio Shack and Walmart. There is also in iPhone app that sends critical alerts via voice notification and push notifications. Search the app store for NOAA all-hazard weather radio.
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